Art, gift, watercolor, Wendy B's Stuido

What Goes Into a Design (The process)

Most of my art work starts out as original paintings or photographs that I sell at my stand on the boardwalk at Venice Beach.  After the work is done it is photographed and uploaded to create designs at Wendy B’s Studio,  For this demonstration I will be using one of my ink and watercolor urban sketches.

The Beginning of a Design

Art, drawing, painting, designing, gifts, watercolor

A design begins using the basic tools.  Here I have watercolor paper, pencils and paint.  I begin by sketching my design in pencil.

Art, drawing, painting, designing, gifts, watercolor, ink

After the pencil sketch is done I go over the design with ink.  I use an ink pen that will not bleed when water is applied on top of it,

Art, drawing, painting, designing, gifts, watercolor, ink

I then apply watercolor and touch up any areas where the ink is too heavily covered with paint.

Making a design from a painting

Once the painting is done I take a photograph or scan it and upload it to my Zazzle store.  It is then placed on products and posted for sale in my online store.

What happens after the design is posted?
After the design is posted there is still work to do.  Designs are then categorized into collections within the store to make it easier for customers to find the designs they like.  The finished design is also then promoted to other online sites so that customers may find my designs in a search.
When you do what you like the process of running an online store is fun.   It just takes some creativity and organization.  Once you have completed the process a few times, the process itself becomes faster and easier.  I hope you will take a moment and visit Wendy B’s Studio.




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